Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Appeal Finder Subscription FAQs

  1. How many users/logins do I need to buy?
  2. What methods of payment do you accept?
  3. I need a pro-forma invoice before I can pay. How do I get one?
  4. I need to reprint an invoice. How do I request one?
  5. What are your credit terms?
  6. What is the per document download cost?
  7. What's your "fair use" policy?
  8. How do I cancel a subscription?

2. Appeal Searching FAQs

  1. Duplicates - why does my search return multiple documents?
  2. How to use the appeals map
  3. Keyword searching advice
  4. Missing from the appeals map
  5. Multi Decision - what does this mean?
  6. Appeal Planning Officer assisting an Inspector - how do I find such appeals?
  7. How do I find appeals from pre-Unitary LPAs?
  8. Welsh appeals - are they on Appeal Finder?

3. Website navigation FAQs

  1. Where do I find the latest on appeal timescales?
  2. Where do I find appeal performance by LPA?
  3. Where do I find appeal success rates by Inspector?
  4. Where do I find News Blogs?
  5. Where is your link to housing affordability statistics?
  6. Where are DLUHC's statistics on affordable housing need and delivery?
  7. How do I contact you?