Search Tips

  1. The search will return documents containing ALL the keywords you put in. For example yummy dwelling will return no documents because no documents contain both the words yummy and dwelling.
  2. Because of 1. above ensure words are spelled correctly. For example, "rear conservitory" will  not return any results due to the spelling error.
  3. Use double inverted commas to find extact phrases, eg. "wind farm" will find documents with the extact phrase wind farm whereas a search for wind farm (no inverted commas) will find Strong Wind Dairy Farm and appeals referring to odours at agricultural developments.  Similarly, "previously developed land" will find the exact phrase whereas the same search without inverted commas will find all appeals mentioning the words land or developed or previously.
  4. If your search does not find the appeal you were looking for, consider variations the Inspector may have used, for example "brownfield land" instead of "previously developed land".
  5. Use the minus sign (-) to remove documents containing a particular word. e.g.  windfarm -offshore will find windfarms, but exclude documents containing the word "offshore".  Be aware that an onshore windfarm development may legitmately mention an offshore windfarm nearby and thus be excluded from the results.
  6. A maximum of 150 documents will be returned.  There is no paging of results. The filters will help you narrow down searches, and you can add more relevant words to the search.