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Success rates of s78 planning appeals in Eastern England

The Planning Inspectorate's official statistics for April 2018 to March 2019 show a wide range of appeal success rates in the East of England, ranging from 0% to 100%.  Top of the chart with 100% was Norfolk County Council, albeit with only 2 planning appeals in the year.  Second highest was Castle Point Borough Council with 64% of appeals allowed out of 11 over the year.
Three local planning authorities had over 40% of appeals allowed, namely East Cambridgeshire District Council with 45% out of 29 appeals, Bedford Borough Council with 42% out of 36 appeals, and Peterborough City Council with 40% out of 15 appeals.

Above average appeal success rates

Basildon and Waveney had a relatively high success rate of 38% of appeals allowed, with Maldon, Welwyn Hatfield and Watford following close behing with 37%.  Babergh and Breckland had 35% appeal success rates in 2018-19.   Breckland had a high number of appeals for such a small authority with 52 in the year, while Maldon had 70 appeals.
Other LPAs with unusually high numbers of appeals include Tendring, with 73 appeals over the year, Central Bedfordshire with 56, St. Albans with 48 and Braintree with 47 appeals.  However the success rate for each LPA was only slightly higher than the national average, with all the above having success rates of between 30% and 34%. 
Others in the 30% - 34% category for appeals allowed were Cambridge, Stevenage, Great Yarmouth, Uttlesford, Hertsmere, Huntingdonshire and North Norfolk.

Average planning appeal success rates in East England

Closer to the national average with 28% - 29% of appeals allowed were Colchester, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, South Norfolk, Brentwood, Three Rivers and Broadland Councils.

Stronger local planning authorities

LPAs more able to defend their Decisions on appeal over 2018-19 included Luton, St Edmundsbury, North Hertfordshire, Dacorum and Forest Heath, with only 25% - 26% appeals allowed. Even stronger with between 20% - 23% appeals allowed were East Hertfordshire, Mid Suffolk, South Cambridgeshire and Harlow, although there were a significant number of appellants in two of these LPAs, with 74 appeals in East Hertfordshire and 81 appeals in South Cambridgeshire over 2018-19.
An impressively strong performance was made by Norwich, Southend-on-Sea, Rochford and Suffolk Coastal with only 16% - 19% of their appeals allowed.

The least challenged LPAs in East England

The most successful LPAs in Eastern England were Ipswich Borough Council, which defended all 7 of its appeals with 0% allowed, and the Broads Authority, which only had 1 planning appeal, which was dismissed.
Broxbourne Borough Council had 6% allowed out of 16 appeals, while Chelmsford City Council had 7% allowed out of 29 appeals. Thurrock Borough Council had only 11% of its appeals allowed, while Epping Forest District Council showed an an impressively strong hand with only 14% of planning appeals allowed out of the sizeable number of 76 appeal Decisions issued over 2018-19.
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Householder appeals

The above figures are for s78 appeals.  Householder appeal rates are different and can be seen in the table below.


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